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Visiting some of the best travel destinations in the world can be thrilling. However, no matter if you’re heading to a popular cosmopolitan capital or a little-known desert island, it’s important that you understand any possible risks before setting off on your travels.

Our destination guides cover almost 150 countries such as IndiaSri Lanka and Colombia, and include essential information about the recommended and required vaccinations for travel. On top of this, our destination guides contain other useful information for travellers, such as the best places to visit. By offering you the necessary advice on travel vaccinations by country, we aim to ensure every trip you take is not only enjoyable, but also safe.

We make it easy for you to get the vaccination information you need, and it’s also simple to book an appointment at one of our UK travel clinics online. Simply select a region from the options below and choose your destination country from the drop-down menu.

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