Gornergrat tourist train in the Valais region of Switzerland Mountain in Bachalpsee, Switzerland

Travel Vaccinations for Switzerland

Vaccines To Consider When Visiting Switzerland

A consultation will be completed with one of our specialist travel health nurses to assess your individual travel plans and health background before making recommendations, which can then be administered during the same appointment.

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Reflection of mountain in Bachalpsee, Switzerland

Destination Information for Switzerland

Switzerland is a country of striking scenery, fabulous skiing and hiking trails, and world-renowned chocolate! The Central European country is bordered by France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein, and is known for its picturesque mountainous regions, with the Alps in the South and Jura to the Northwest. Switzerland is a prosperous and peaceful country, having not been involved in any war or political conflict since 1815. Unemployment levels are less than half the average for the rest of Europe and investments here are seen as secure.

The capital of Switzerland is Bern, a pretty medieval city close to the Aare river. There are many other large, important and modern cities, including Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Interlaken and Lucerne. Switzerland’s cities are thriving centres of art, culture, entertainment, shopping, cuisine and business, with much to offer visitors keen to explore the cosmopolitan side of Swiss life.

Visitors to Switzerland are often drawn here by the country’s reputation for beautiful natural scenery, with excellent opportunities for adventure sports such as skiing, white water rafting, bungee jumping, hiking, mountain biking and much more. With the Rhine Falls – the largest falls in Europe, the famous mountain resort of Zermatt – the longest glacier in Europe, the Aletsch Glacier, Lake Lucerne and many, many other spectacular sights, Switzerland remains a firm favourite with travellers and tourists of all kinds.

Infections and Outbreaks frequently change from country to country and by attending our clinics you will be given the most up to date clinical and safety advice from our team of specialists. Our advice to you often includes aspects such as:

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Non Vaccinated Diseases

West Nile virus

West Nile virus (WNV) is spread by mosquitoes in many countries. There are usually no symptoms, although some people develop mild flu-like symptoms, nausea and skin rash. The virus is not contagious and should get better without any treatment.

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