Protection and peace of mind wherever in the world you do business

Working abroad can present an array of potential opportunities for your business. However, travelling abroad for business also poses potentially serious health risks.

London Travel Clinic’s team of expert travel nurses can help your business to effectively manage those health risks; providing the advice and protection you and your employees need. We can supply a comprehensive range of travel vaccines and travel medicines along with expert travel health advice to help your employees prepare when travelling overseas.

With a choice of over 20 travel clinics conveniently situated in key locations across London, and extended opening hours from Monday to Saturday, we can cater to you even at short notice. Alternatively, we can come to you! If you require 100 or more employee consultations or vaccinations we can provide a convenient mobile clinic service.

Are your employees travelling on business? Do you already have a Corporate Account? Please click on the FAQs tab below to discover how you can access our services.



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What services can my employees access?

As a Corporate Account client, your employees can access our full range of travel health services. If your staff are travelling on business, they should firstly check with you, their employer, to discuss their travel health needs before booking an appointment. This will ensure you are happy to meet the cost of our services. Please note that corporate account facilities are subject to credit referencing and are eligible for organisation requiring services for a minimum of 20 employees on application. Please note that we charge a modest consultation/appointment fee of just £15.00 for each patient consultation provided.

Who will my employees see?

Your employees will be seen by a specialist travel nurse who has up to date knowledge of travel medicines, disease processes and malaria prevention, and who can provide the very best advice, wherever in the world your staff are travelling.

What do my employees need to bring?

Once they have confirmed that you are happy to meet the cost of any required travel health vaccines, anti-malarials and/or travel accessories, they should bring proof of employment with them to their consultation. A staff ID card or other proof of employment is ideal. Alternatively you, the employer, can make an appointment for your employee(s).

How do they pay?

Once the employee's consultation is completed, we will record which vaccines, medicines or travel accessories were provided, and we will invoice you, the employer, directly at the close of each month. We'll provide a single itemised invoice detailing all appointments, services and related charges that we have provided to your employees that calendar month.

How do I check if we already have a corporate account?

Please check with your Human Resources, Occupational Health team or a senior member of staff within your organisation. If you are unsure, please contact us and we'll confirm whom within your business is the primary point of contact to enable you to confirm whether you may use the Corporate Account. If you don't already have an account, we can normally have this set up for you straight away.

Open your corporate account with us today

It’s easy to set-up a London Travel Clinic corporate account, simply complete our short online registration. We can have your account set-up straight away so you and your employees can access our professional travel health services immediately.

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