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Travel Vaccinations for Finland

Vaccines To Consider When Visiting Finland

A consultation will be completed with one of our specialist travel health nurses to assess your individual travel plans and health background before making recommendations, which can then be administered during the same appointment.

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Island near Helsinki, Finland

Destination Information for Finland

Finland is a country of immense natural beauty, with islands, forests, lakes and mountains. Helsinki is where most visitors arrive in the country, and the capital’s friendliness and orderliness give tourists an excellent introduction to the Finnish way of life. Lapland, to the far North, is famous throughout the world as the home of Santa Claus, and the thriving tourist industry here invites fans of Santa to visit the reindeer and take in all the traditional attractions of the season.

Other popular tourist areas include Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna, which is open during the annual Opera Festival and is said to be Finland’s most atmospheric castle. Take a ride on the Linnanmäki” wooden roller coaster in Helsinki, which is only held onto the track by gravity – one attraction for the true thrill-seekers! There are a number of popular music festivals held in Finland during the summer, including the world’s oldest tango festival, Tangomarkkinat, and a motorsport and rock festival, Vauhtiajot, both of which are held in Seinäjoki.

If you’re heading to Finland in the hope of seeing the famously magical Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, your best chance is to go to Lapland. Here, the lights are visible approximately every second night between September and March. Elsewhere in Finland, they can only be seen on around 10-20 nights each year. Hope for a clear and starry night sky and take in this breathtaking sight!

Infections and Outbreaks frequently change from country to country and by attending our clinics you will be given the most up to date clinical and safety advice from our team of specialists. Our advice to you often includes aspects such as:

Malaria and regions within country:

Malaria is not normally present in Finland.

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Non Vaccinated Diseases

West Nile virus

West Nile virus (WNV) is spread by mosquitoes in many countries. There are usually no symptoms, although some people develop mild flu-like symptoms, nausea and skin rash. The virus is not contagious and should get better without any treatment.

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Additional Health Risks Information for Finland

Many visitors to Finland come to the country for the almost ethereal atmosphere of snow, ice and the famous Northern Lights. Finland is covered in snow and frost, with extremely low temperatures for a large part of the year, so pack accordingly! If you’re heading out to explore, particularly in remote areas, make sure you take sufficient clothing and safety equipment, and a means of summoning help if necessary. Finland is a popular destination for skiing, and you should ensure that your travel insurance covers you for this activity, and for repatriation if necessary in the event of an accident. Road quality in the country is good, but driving can be dangerous particularly in the winter months, so you should use winter tyres on your vehicle, and carry a shovel.

Visitors to Finland from other European countries should have a European Health Insurance Card, entitling you to state provided medical care in an emergency. This doesn’t cover routine treatment or ongoing care, so is not a replacement for other insurance.

The main risk to your health in Finland is from the extreme climate and low temperature. If you’re out walking, trekking or skiing, be aware of the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and frostbite, and seek help immediately if you or any member of your group begins to suffer. Tick-borne encephalitis is endemic in Finland; consult a travel health specialist to check if a course of the vaccine is needed.

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