Meet Our Nurses

Our expert travel nurses are both highly skilled and well-travelled, using their insight to help better prepare and protect every individual they see; wherever in the world they’re heading.

Here at London Travel Clinic, we take pride in developing our nurses, who are all UK registered. As the backbone of our business, they receive regular training from our clinical director, an associate member of the Faculty of Travel Medicine.

With it being International Nurses Day on 12th May, what better way to celebrate the brilliant work they do than by getting to know them better. We asked some of our specialist nurses for their travel health views and opinions – here’s what they had to say:

What do you love about working in travel health?

Jo (Specialist Travel Nurse) – Meeting new people and finding out about their travel plans, which then gives me lots of ideas for my future trips.

Anna (Lead Travel Nurse) – Seeing people who are fit to travel and the exotic places they travel to.

Amanda (Lead Travel Nurse) – Meeting lots of interesting people; the patients are fascinating, and I love hearing about where they are going.

Sarah (Specialist Travel Nurse) – I love my job and I find travel medicine so interesting. My job also benefits my family and I as we are frequent travellers, so I always have the most up to date knowledge!

What is your favourite destination and why?

Jo – Can I pick two? Thailand and Vietnam because these are the places I’ve heard so much about and have not yet travelled to.

Anna – It has to be the French Alps as it has snow, beautiful landscapes and Après ski!

Amanda – Iceland, for the scenery and fresh air…and South East Asia, for the food.

Sarah – India. I am a frequent visitor to an area outside of Mumbai called Vasai. I love Indian culture, people, food and weather. But above all, I love an Indian wedding!

What is your best piece of travel advice?

Jo – To come and have your vaccines in advance, learn about the risks and stay safe.

Anna – Research your destinations beforehand and get travel health advice at least 6 weeks before you go

Amanda – Go with the flow, but hold off on having ice in your drink!

Sarah – Take out travel insurance! (and always read the small print)

What would you never travel without?

Jo – My family, to share these experiences with…oh and my lip balm too!

Anna – Sunglasses and earplugs 😊

Amanda – A good book and earplugs. Instant happiness.

Sarah – DEET and hand sanitiser


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