Top Vegan Food Hotspots to visit in 2019


Vegan food on a table

There’s no doubt that 2019 is going to be a huge year for travel. And, with veganism on the rise, it’s clear that more and more people will be on the lookout for the best vegan food in the world during their travels.

If you’re looking for the best vegan travel destinations check out our guide to some of the best vegan hotpots to visit in 2019.


Amongst the bustling city streets of this East Asian country is an underlying hunger for fantastic vegan cuisine. Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is synonymous with vegan food and was even given the title of “Asia’s Most Vegan-Friendly City’” by PETA back in 2016.
Taiwan offers a broad range of food options for vegans, including Italian dishes like lasagne and pizza, as well as traditional Taiwanese curries.

Top Vegan Restaurants in Taiwan
Mianto – Mianto offers a vast array of dishes to choose from. There are even vegan alternatives to steak and Mac ‘n’ cheese available on the menu.
Miss Green – Situated in Taipei, Miss Green proudly cook up some of the best local organic vegan food you’ll find in Taiwan. Their handcrafted burgers are a particular favourite with both locals and tourists.

Travel and Health Information
Taiwan is considered a very safe place to visit, with crime rates being low. One thing that should be considered prior to visiting Taiwan is the weather conditions. We recommend you research your travel destinations beforehand as the south of the country is susceptible to flooding at certain times of the year.
In terms of vaccinations for Taiwan, it’s advised that all travellers get the Hepatitis A vaccine before their visit.


Thanks to the natural landscape and climate in Peru, the country is home to some of the world’s most nutrient-dense plant-based foods; meaning the likes of quinoa are readily available nearly everywhere you go. Over recent years, several cafes have emerged that fuse traditional Peruvian cuisine with vegan cooking. This Peruvian/vegan fusion has led to a rise in the number of creative salads, rice, soup and bean dishes available in Peru.

Top Vegan Restaurants in Peru
Green Point – Based in Cusco, this vegan restaurant offers a vast range of exquisite dishes such as smoked sushi with cashew cream cheese and even a grilled vegan platter.
Raw Café Club – If you find yourself in the country’s capital of Lima, then a visit to Raw Café Club is a must, with their specialities including raw burgers and exquisite desserts.

Travel and Health Information
All in all, Peru is a safe place to visit. Although, as with travelling anywhere abroad, it’s important to be prepared and stay alert in your new environment.
Before travelling, it’s advisable to visit a travel clinic to get your vaccinations for Peru. It’s recommended that you have the Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Diphtheria and Polio, Typhoid and Yellow Fever vaccines prior to visiting the country.


Many of the traditional Rasta community in Jamaica follow a vegan diet, meaning the Caribbean Island is a great place for vegans to visit. There are many vegan eateries in Jamaica that are off the beaten path; so, during your time on the Island, be sure to ask the locals for some advice on the best places to go for dinner.

Top Vegan Restaurants in Jamaica
Mi Hungry – If you’re in Kingston or Ocho Rios, then visiting Mi Hungry is a must. The place is famous in Jamaica for its raw vegan burgers, pizzas and freshly-prepared fruit juices and smoothies.

Travel and Health Information
Although Jamaica has a slight reputation for crime (mostly within the larger cities), the vast majority of travellers have no issues when visiting the island. When travelling abroad we recommend you follow the travel safety advice given by the government.

Jamaica’s hurricane season typically runs from June to November, so ensure you monitor weather updates before you travel.
There are a number of recommended vaccinations when visiting Jamaica, including the Hepatitis A vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Typhoid vaccine and Yellow Fever vaccine. For more information on vaccinations for Jamaica, please get in touch with the team at London Travel Clinic.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Heralded as the vegan capital of the world, Tel Aviv is a must-visit destination for any travel-loving vegan in 2019. Having played host to the fifth annual vegan congress in 2018, the city’s vegan scene is absolutely thriving, meaning there is plenty of choice when it comes to eating green when in Tel Aviv.

Top Vegan Restaurants in Tel Aviv
Anasatasia – This vegan café offers a delicious and nutritious selection of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Nanuchka – A Georgian-inspired vegan restaurant by day, a vibrant bar by night.

Travel and Health Information
Israel is a country that holds a lot of religious significance. Due to this religious significance, there can sometimes be some unrest within the country. So, ensure that you do your research about the current political situation before planning a trip.

There are no vaccinations required to visit Israel; however, for any advice and health information, please contact the team at London Travel Clinic.

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Vegan food on a table

Top Vegan Food Hotspots to visit in 2019

There’s no doubt that 2019 is going to be a huge year for travel. And, with veganism on the rise, it’s clear that more and more people will be on the lookout for the best vegan food in the world …

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