How will Brexit impact your holiday?


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Brexit. Deal, or no deal? It’s the hot topic right now. With everything still up in the air, you could be forgiven for feeling apprehensive about the whole thing; especially where your travel plans are concerned.

When considering your next holiday, remember that travel to countries outside of the EU is unlikely to be impacted at all. It’s hard to know exactly what Brexit will mean for travel within Europe until a final Brexit deal is signed, but there may be a few questions on your mind.

Is my passport still valid after Brexit?
In the event of a no-deal Brexit, then new passport rules may apply. These new passport rules don’t necessarily mean that your current passport will be invalid; however, it’s best to check whether yours meets any new criteria that is introduced.

According to the Schengen Border Code, which applies to most EU countries, passports from third country nationals (which British citizens will become) must have been issued within the previous ten years and be valid for another three months from the date you plan on leaving the Schengen area.

If a deal is struck between the UK and the EU, then the likelihood is that your passport will be valid until its expiry date for travel anywhere within the EU.

Will my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) still be valid post-Brexit?
European Health Insurance Cards entitle the holder to public medical care in any EU country, as well as others who have a healthcare agreement in place. EHICs cover both emergency care and treatment for any pre-existing condition or illness.

During the ‘Brexit transition period’, the EHIC scheme will continue. However, if there is no deal, the scheme could be scrapped. Despite the possibility of this, it is likely that some deal to continue with the EHIC scheme, or a similar one, will be implemented.

Will travel insurance be valid after Brexit?
As your travel insurance policy is a contract, the terms and conditions stated within the document will stand no matter what happens with Brexit. However, it’s worth double-checking the small print just in case.

Before you travel or take out a new travel insurance policy, be sure to check all the details to make sure you’re still covered throughout the duration of your trip.

Will I need a Visa to visit Europe after Brexit?
The European Commission has approved a proposal that gives British citizens visa-free travel to EU states, even if a no-deal Brexit goes ahead. This deal means that Brits will be allowed 90 days of visa-free travel during a 180-day period, within the Schengen area.

Will data roaming charges increase after Brexit?
A major benefit of being in the EU (as far as the millennial Brits are concerned) is the elimination of data roaming and call charges when using your mobile phone in other EU countries.

The good news is, for the time being, this will continue and if a deal is struck the roaming and call charge abolition could run through until the end of 2020. More good news is that even if a deal isn’t reached, the government has promised to pass legislation capping roaming charges at £45.


If you’re still unsure about travelling within Europe…
Remember that travel outside of Europe should not be impacted so why not think about alternative destinations such as the Caribbean, Vietnam and India. You could also consider non-EU countries such as Turkey or Montenegro.

If you’d like more information about travel health and vaccinations, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with one of our experts at London Travel Clinic. We’re always on-hand to offer you the best travel advice and service, at a convenient location and time to suit you.

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