Travel Advice for Kenya

The months of January and February are a great time to visit to catch some late winter sun as the weather is at its hottest and driest, however, there is an even better reason to visit at this time. The arid weather results in water drying up, therefore large groups and a wide array of wildlife gather at the few remaining waterholes. So there is no better to time to go on a safari and see your favourite animal whether it be the speedy cheetah or a flock of peculiar looking flamingos. For the chance to further interact with these animals which we usually marvel at through the television while listening to the mesmerising voice of Mr Attenborough, why not visit an animal sanctuary?

Whilst Kenya is renowned for its expansive national parks rich in game, there are also lesser known wonders to be seen. The ‘Gedi ruins’ lies deep in the ‘Arakbuko Sokoke Forest’ and is considered a mystical lost city that leaves historians stumped! To take in all of Kenya’s natural beauty in one trip is insurmountable but for an extensive assortment of mouth gasping views take a hot air balloon ride to soak up Kenya.

When taking a trip to the Kenya it is essential to take precautions and you should be aware of the diseases present in the region. Please visit our Kenya destination page for the most up-to-date information on the country.

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