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HPV Vaccine

Missed out on your HPV vaccine? We are offering HPV vaccines at £155 for 1 dose or £455 for 3 doses when you pay upfront.

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Travel Vaccines

A comprehensive range of travel vaccines and medicines available. Search by destination to find your recommendations.

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Travel Kits & Medicines

We prescribe medicines such as antimalarials and antibiotics. Travel kits, insect repellants and mosquito nets are also available to buy.

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London Travel Clinic

Welcome to London Travel Clinic. We provide a full range of travel clinic services, support and assistance before, during and after your trip including travel vaccinations, medicines and accessories. Whether you need injections for Thailand or India, a course of Rabies vaccine or a Yellow Fever vaccine, our specialist travel nurses and travel doctors are here to help.

Travel Vaccinations

Before venturing abroad it is important to ensure your travel vaccinations are up-to-date. If you have a trip planned, you should be asking questions like, what travel vaccinations do I need for Asia? Are my vaccines up to date? Do I need a Tetanus booster? What activities can increase my risk of contracting Hepatitis B? What course of Malaria tablets would be suitable for my needs?

We provide all the essential Travel Vaccinations and medication you need to keep you safe and healthy abroad including, Cholera, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria Medication, Meningitis, Rabies, Typhoid and Yellow Fever.

Travel Medicine in London

Our vaccination clinics are conveniently located across London and the South for your convenience. Here is a list of our travel clinic locations:

Oxford Street Travel Clinic

King’s Cross Travel Clinic

Liverpool Street Travel Clinic

London Bridge Travel Clinic

New Malden Travel Clinic

Wandsworth Travel Clinic

Canary Wharf Travel Clinic

Victoria Travel Clinic

Cannon Street Travel Clinic

Waterloo Travel Clinic

Wimbledon Park Travel Clinic

Whenever you need travel advice for your holiday, backpacking or business trip, we’re always close to you.

What is HPV?

* We are currently offering HPV vaccines at £155 for 1 dose or £455 for 3 doses when you pay upfront *   Do you know what the human papilloma virus (HPV) is? Do you …

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Measles - The Facts

With measles hitting the headlines and the number of cases on the rise here in the UK and abroad, it’s extremely important that we understand the disease, its symptoms and how it can be prevented. …

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Meet Our Nurses

Our expert travel nurses are both highly skilled and well-travelled, using their insight to help better prepare and protect every individual they see; wherever in the world they’re heading. Here at London Travel Clinic, we …

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Amazing Film Locations

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Malaria - The Facts

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