Mosquito nets for the tropics


If you are backpacking around the tropics, a good quality mosquito net is a vital item to add to your packing list. Many low budget hostels and hotels abroad do not have air conditioning or provide mosquito nets for guests. It is essential that you take all precautions necessary to avoid getting bitten, as mosquitoes can carry a range of nasty diseases such as dengue fever, malaria and japanese encephalitis - some diseases are not vaccine preventable so bite avoidance is the only option!

Lifesystems offer mosquito nets of both single and double size, which are lightweight and include hooks so you can easily hang them above your bed. Other brands offer similar alternatives. It is important to ensure that your mosquito net is treated with permethrin. Whilst mosquito repellents containing DEET will keep bugs away, Permethrin will kill any bug that it comes into contact with, giving you extra protection.

You can buy a mosquito net or high strength repellent by popping into one of London Travel Clinic‘s Central London branches today.

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