Flooding in the Balkans


There has been extensive flooding in the Balkans. Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina have been worst affected with some areas receiving 3 months worth of rain in just 24 hours. The town of Dojob in Bosnia is one of the worst affected areas with a current death toll of 20. Bosnia has also been subject to landslides which have destroyed peoples homes and claimed lives. In Serbia, the town of Obrenovac has reported 12 deaths and a number of people are still missing. The River Sava has experienced tidal surges with waves up to 4 metres high, which have caused river banks to burst and the surrounding area has been extensively flooded. Authorities are concerned that if the flooding continues the Nikola Tesla power plant may be knocked out. This plant supplies power to a great deal of the region and could cause widespread disruption. Some northern and eastern parts of Croatia have also been affected by flooding, though coastal resorts, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split have not been affected. Travellers should keep a close eye on current weather reports to affected regions and suspend travel should the situation continue to worsen. All visitors should ensure they have been vaccinated for Hepatitis A, particularly when arriving during a time of flooding, where the incidence of such diseases may increase.

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