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Peru is a great country for adventure activities. With such extreme terrain, there are limitless possibilities for the adventure sports enthusiast.

1.03 Mar 2016 - Peru adventure

The desert dunes at Huacachina in the south can be used for sand boarding, or you can try white water rafting along the Urubamba river through the Tambopata jungle. Catch some waves and learn to surf in the northern coastal town of Mancora or zip line through the Sacred Valley. Whatever gives you your buzz, you will be sure to find it in Peru.


Take the bus to the small city of Ica, a scenic desert oasis located approximately 5-hours drive from Lima. From Ica you can easily arrange sandboarding trips, where dune buggies will drive groups out to Huacachina. Here you can climb up the dunes and practice sandboarding down the steep slopes. Be careful, this is not for the faint hearted - you can pick up some serious speed!

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Zip lining

Travel to the Inca’s Sacred Valley and visit Natura Vive. Here you can swing 2,800 metres through the valley on a total of 7 zip lines, taking in stunning mountain scenery along the way. You can also combine this with technical climbing 300 metres up Via Ferrata, which is even suitable for beginners and all equipment and training is provided. Stay in their superb sky lodge and watch the sunrise over the valley from capsules perched on the side of the mountain. This is definitely one to avoid if you are scared of heights! Find out more here: http://naturavive.com/

(source: Natura Vive)


Travel to the popular seaside town of Mancora, in the North of Peru, where the golden beaches stretch for miles, the sun shines year round, waters are warm and there is plenty of nightlife to keep you occupied. This is a popular spot for young, holidaying Peruvians and foreigners alike, and most come to catch the surf in the huge waves that pound the coastline. If you are a novice, be sure to book a lesson first, as the currents here can be strong. Be sure to stay safe and adhere to local warnings.

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White Water Rafting

From Cusco you can book White Water Rafting trips along the Urubamba river. The trip is very scenic and ideal for first timers and it is generally an easy ride, but there are areas where rapids reach level II/III. This trip may seem relatively easy for experienced rafters, however, it is a good way to take in local scenery from a different perspective. Wrap up warm as waters here are very cold!

1.03 Mar 2016 - Rafting


If you plan to take part in any adventure activities, ensure it is included in your travel insurance policy. Many adventure sports will not be automatically included in standard policies and will require additional insurance. Contact your travel insurance provider before you go to discuss your options.


There are numerous health risks that every traveller should consider when visiting Peru. All travellers should ensure that their Tetanus, Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations are up to date. Yellow Fever is vital for anyone visiting the Amazon and the north of the country, and it also may be needed for certification purposes. If you are planning to take part in adventure activities, it is a good idea to have a course of Hepatitis B vaccinations; the course involves 3 vaccinations to be given over 1 month prior to travel. You can contract Hepatitis B via blood and bodily fluids, so if you were involved in an accident that required hospitalisation, you may be at risk of contracting the disease should they fail to use sterile equipment. If you are travelling anywhere remote to take part in adventurous activities, a course of Rabies vaccinations are advised. Rabies is contracted via the bite of an infected animal and can potentially be carried by any mammal. The vaccination course is 3 doses given over 1 month prior to travel. Whilst the vaccinations do not give you full immunity to rabies, they buy you extra time to get medical treatment and also minimise the hospital treatment that you need.

There is a risk of malaria in Amazonian regions in the country and also along the coast in the north. In these regions, it is essential that you take anti-malarial medication. You can view the malaria regions in Peru here:  http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/destinations/south-america-antarctica/peru/peru-malaria-map.aspx  

There are other diseases such as Chikungunya, Dengue Fever and Zika Virus; these are transmitted via mosquito bites, but unfortunately there are no vaccines to prevent them.  Therefore it is vital that all travellers use a DEET-based mosquito repellent, particularly when at low altitude and in the rainforest. Make sure it is re-applied regularly throughout the day and wear long loose clothing to cover exposed skin.

Be sure to take good precautions with food and water whilst in Peru, as contamination is an on-going problem in South America. Ensure you only drink bottled or fully sterilised water (including when brushing your teeth), avoid ice in drinks and avoid eating cold foods that could have been washed in the water. Make sure that any meat is cooked thoroughly and try to stick to foods that have been boiled to ensure that all bacteria has been killed.

Book an appointment with one of our specialist nurses now. We can take a look at your itinerary and tailor your requirements to your individual trip. You can also pick up mosquito repellent and water sterilisation tablets in any of our 7 clinics around London so you are fully equipped for your Peruvian adventure!

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