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Volunteering allows you to experience a different view of a country. Instead of just holidaying, it gives you the opportunity to contribute to the economy of that country by sharing your time, knowledge and skills. This is particularly helpful to developing third world nations and those that have suffered natural disasters.

Oct 2015 - Volunteering

There are many volunteering opportunities in the Philippines. In recent years, the Philippines has suffered its fair share of natural disasters, with numerous typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis affecting the region. This means that there is a need for volunteers in humanitarian development, education, conservation, building and construction.


Aid workers provide essential support in assisting the local population in the event of a natural disaster. If you are a qualified medic, you may be able to volunteer in hospitals working with the sick or injured. If you are not medically trained, it is possible to help in other ways. For example, by assisting with the distribution of essential supplies to cut off communities.


Take part in a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course and volunteer in schools throughout the country.


If you prefer to be based on the islands then you can work with turtles, tagging and monitoring. If you are a PADI qualified diver then you can do conservation work, looking at coral reefs, and population monitoring of endangered species such as sharks.

You can also volunteer your time to work with farmers in the rice paddies and learn the process behind growing and selling rice; a key food all over Asia.

Building and Construction

Many communities have suffered extensive damage in recent years due to Typhoon Haiyan, and more recently, Typhoon Koppu. It is possible to volunteer in projects where you can help to build schools or wells for improving access to clean water. You do not need any specific skills for these projects, however the work can be quite strenuous so a good level of fitness will help.

Check out some of these websites for volunteering opportunities:

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Health risks to the traveller do tend to increase when participating in volunteer work. Accessibility to clean water may be limited and work may be in areas where sanitation is poor. It is vital that all travellers ensure that their Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio, Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations are up to date. The Philippines also has a high risk of Rabies, so the vaccination course should be considered by all travellers, especially those visiting remote regions. Anyone working in hospitals or medical settings should ensure their Hepatitis B vaccinations are up to date. And the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine should be considered by those travelling to rural communities for extended periods and for everyone doing conservation work in the rice paddies.
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