Dengue Fever in Brazil


There are ongoing outbreaks of Dengue fever in Brazil and with the football world cup looming, all travellers should be aware of the disease and methods used to prevent it.

Dengue fever is spread predominantly by daytime biting mosquitoes and there is no vaccine available to prevent the virus. The mosquitoes that carry it live in both rural and urban areas and there have been multiple outbreaks throughout Brazil this year. Symptoms include headache, fever and most notably muscle and joint pain. This is sometimes why Dengue fever is also known as breakbone fever. In severe cases it can cause bleeding which can potentially lead to organ failure.

Travellers are advised to use a DEET-based mosquito repellent both day and night time and reapply it regularly. Any areas of exposed skin should be covered with clothing. This guidance applies not just to those visiting rural, jungle areas but also within the major cities where outbreaks have also occurred.

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