What is HPV?

* We are currently offering HPV vaccines at £155 for 1 dose or £455 for 3 doses when you pay upfront *   Do you know what the human papilloma virus (HPV) is? Do you …

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Tips To Find A Holiday Bargain

Are you looking to travel abroad but also wanting to make sure you get value for money? With so many holiday bargains on the market, it’s difficult and sometimes tricky to know where to start. …

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Measles - The Facts

With measles hitting the headlines and the number of cases on the rise here in the UK and abroad, it’s extremely important that we understand the disease, its symptoms and how it can be prevented. …

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Meet Our Nurses

Our expert travel nurses are both highly skilled and well-travelled, using their insight to help better prepare and protect every individual they see; wherever in the world they’re heading. Here at London Travel Clinic, we …

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Amazing Film Locations

Have you ever wondered what your favourite movie set looks like in real life? There are so many extraordinary filming locations around the world, from beaches and cities to ancient wonders and more. Here are …

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Malaria - The Facts

Malaria is a serious parasitic infection spread by mosquitoes. Did you know that it only takes one bite from an infected mosquito to become infected with malaria? If it isn’t diagnosed and treated promptly, it …

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Get Started with Eco-Friendly Travel

Want to go travelling but worried about damaging the environment? There are lots of different ways you can explore the globe in an eco-friendly way. Making small changes from the moment you start packing to …

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Our Top 5 Instagrammable Places

With the continual popularity of Instagram, what better way to find inspiration for your next travel destination. Whether you’re looking for beautiful white beaches, endangered species or mountain adventures, you can count on Instagram to …

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Travel Vaccines For Children

Travelling with children is a unique and amazing experience for all the family but requires careful planning and preparation. Precautions must be taken in order for a holiday to be successful and this starts well …

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First Aid Essentials For Travelling Abroad

Is it time to pack for your next holiday? Whilst it may be tempting to cram your bag full of new outfits, shoes and books, it’s important to leave some space for those first aid …

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