Japanese Encephalitis Vaccination

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Japanese Encephalitis is a viral infection spread by mosquitos that can cause swelling of the brain, resulting in permanent brain damage or death. According to the World Health Organization at least 50,000 people in Asia develop visible symptoms of Japanese Encephalitis each year.

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Japanese Encephalitis
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A vaccination course of two injections may be recommended for travellers considering outdoor activities in high-risk areas, especially during the transmission season. The Japanese Encephalitis vaccination is a course of two vaccines over 28 days. While travelling, be sure to use mosquito nets and avoid insect bites between dusk and dawn when the mosquitos are most active.

Countries at risk

Japanese Encephalitis occurs in most countries in Asia (see South East, East and Central), the Indian subcontinent and remote parts of northeast Australia.

Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms usually occur 5 to 15 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. Initially, a flu-like illness may occur, which may progress to brain swelling, resulting in symptoms such as high fever, confusion, convulsions, headache, neck stiffness and paralysis. Japanese Encephalitis can result in death or permanent brain damage and disability.