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Comprised of over 7,000 islands, the Caribbean is renowned for its picture-perfect beaches and welcoming population. The region has a wealth of natural features, including mountainous volcanic islands and tropical reefs that tourists are encouraged to explore. Lovers of the outdoors would enjoy the islands of Dominica and St Lucia, where the landscapes are mainly unspoilt, creating the perfect setting for hiking and swimming.

The area is proud of its culture and eager to authentically convey Caribbean life to visitors. Music is often at the heart of this, with calypso, reggae and Caribbean folk all popular genres.

And in terms of relaxation, the Caribbean is almost unrivalled, with famous beaches such as Shoal Bay in Anguilla and Darkwood Beach in Antigua contrasting azure seas with white sandy beaches. The coastline offers far more than just lounging around, with some of the premier spots for scuba diving, particularly on the island of Bonaire.

Holidaymakers should note that the whole of the Caribbean isn’t accessible year-round, as the hurricane season runs from June to November in some areas.


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