Travel Advice when Visiting Bali

Year round daytime temperatures won’t dip below twenty degrees Celsius and can delve into the mid-thirties. December through to March is monsoon season and is something to be cautious of but even then you can be surprised by a clear blue sky.

If you’re opting for a backpack and have an adventurous side then you will not be disappointed. Visiting Ubud should be a must to see the architecturally beautiful temples and partake in the ceremonies engulfed in a proud history.¬†For a thrill-seeking activity climb the volcanoes of Rinca for a breathtaking view and the chance to see the infamous Comodo Dragon. However, if this isn’t you then do not fret as Bali can cater for all. Sandy beaches and cocktails watching the picturesque sunset go down is also on offer at some very lavish resorts. Then put on your party shoes and dance the night away with some of the epic nightlife on offer!

When taking a trip to the Bali it is essential to take precautions to protect your health. Visit our Indonesia destination page for the most up-to-date information on the area.

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