Ebola outbreak in West Africa


There has been an outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa and at present there has been 337 reported deaths, with Guinea being the worst affected country. Other affected countries include Sierra Leone and Liberia.

There is no vaccine for Ebola and no known cure. The route of transmission is yet to be confirmed however it is thought to be spread via contact with animals. Humans can pass it to each through bodily secretions or sharing equipment such as needles, where bodily fluids may be exchanged.

Early symptoms of Ebola include headaches, fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. Some cases may develop more severe symptoms such as difficulty swallowing and breathing and internal bleeding.

The disease generally presents between 2 - 21 days of being contracted although 8 - 10 days is most common. Travellers to these areas should practise good hand washing and hygiene, avoid contact with anyone displaying symptoms and report to a Doctor if they start displaying any such symptoms.

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