Information For Existing Corporate Account Clients

Accessing our travel health services

As a Corporate Account client you can access our full range of travel health services. If you are travelling on business, please check with your employer to discuss your travel health needs before you book your appointment to ensure they are happy to meet the cost for you.

Your appointment

During your consultation you will be seen by a specialist travel nurse who has up to date knowledge of travel medicine, disease processes and malaria prevention, and who can provide the very best advice, wherever in the world you are travelling.

What to bring to your appointment

Once you have confirmed that your employer is happy to meet the cost of your travel health vaccines, anti-malarials and/or travel accessories, simply bring proof of employment with you to your consultation. A staff ID card or other proof of employment is ideal. Alternatively, ask your employer to make your appointment for you.

How to pay

Once your consultation is completed, we will record which vaccines, medicines or travel accessories you were provided with and we will then invoice your employer directly.

Checking your employer has a corporate account

Please check with your Human Resources, Occupational Health team or a senior member of staff within your organisation. If you are unsure, please contact us and we’ll confirm whom within your business is the primary point of contact to enable you to confirm whether you may use the Corporate Account.