Top Travel Destinations For 2019

Once you’ve found your ideal holiday destination for 2019, book your travel vaccinations here using our simple online booking process. Or if you’re looking for a last minute appointment, give us a call on 020 3432 …

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What Are The Best Winter Holiday Destinations? And How To Stay Safe When Visiting Them

Freezing temperatures, scraping the car every morning, gloomy skies and the depressing sight of darkness as you drive to work, welcome to winter in the UK folks! With all of that in mind, there’s no …

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Best Places To Visit In India During 2018

India is a wonderful subcontinent, known for its diversity and beautiful vibrancy. There are more than twenty major languages in India (with over 700 dialects!) and its people practice at least nine recognised faiths, including …

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Travelling to Myanmar, is it safe?

Myanmar is increasing in popularity amongst tourists looking for a destination offering something a little more untouched and non-commercialised than, say, neighbouring Thailand.  The new democratic government gave the country an optimistic outlook and it …

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Traveling to Europe? Have you considered the Tick Borne Encephalitis vaccination?

Tick Borne Encephalitis is a potentially fatal disease that is spread via the bite of an infected tick.  The Tick Borne Encephalitis disease is present in parts of Europe, including Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Scandinavia and the …

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Hong Kong: The Perfect City Stopover

Hong Kong is a big, bustling, modern metropolis in the heart of Asia.  A former British colony and home to some 7 million people, it is a city combining the old with the new. From …

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Visit San Andres, the jewel of Colombia

When thinking of Colombia, one does not automatically think of it as a beach holiday destination, yet the Colombian island of San Andres is an outstanding example of tropical paradise. The idyllic island of San …

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The Colombian Coffee Belt

Colombian coffee is widely regarded as some of the best in the world. The year round mild climate, regular rainfall and high altitude provide the perfect conditions for coffee beans to thrive and there are plenty …

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Colombia: Exploring the North in the Caribbean Coast

Colombia is fast becoming one of the most popular countries in South America. Its history and reputation of violence and drugs related crime is subsiding, and it has plenty of sights and attractions to appeal …

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Egypt: Best Places to Visit Along the Red Sea

Egypt has long been known as the ideal destination for those seeking soaring temperatures, hours of blazing sunshine and cloudless skies. It is the perfect destination for winter sun with temperatures more comfortable and bearable …

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